A History of Short Words

From the New York Times Crossword Puzzle


Thu, 23 Nov '23
Animal in a romp
Fri, 20 Oct '23
Cousin of a wolverine
Thu, 1 Jun '23
River gamboler
Mon, 15 May '23
Playful semiaquatic animal
Thu, 13 Apr '23
Animal that might make a waterslide to play on
Sat, 19 Nov '22
Shade of brown paint
Thu, 10 Nov '22
Animal with webbed feet
Sun, 11 Sep '22
With 93-Across, young river critter
Thu, 4 Aug '22
Animal in the same family as the wolverine
Wed, 9 Jun '21
Animal that's known to enjoy water slides
Fri, 23 Apr '21
Mammal that can hold its breath up to eight minutes
Thu, 8 Apr '21
A pup is a young one
Tue, 30 Mar '21
"Animal House" character named for an animal
Fri, 1 Jan '21
Animal known to "juggle" rocks